Colorful, Nvidia Open GPU Museum to Showcase Exotic Hardware

Source: Tom's Hardware added 11th Jun 2021

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GPU Museum
(Image credit: Colorful)

In a partnership with Nvidia, Colorful has opened the world’s first graphics card museum. The museum, which is located in Shenzhen, China, is expecting to open its doors to visitors soon.

Colorful recently relocated its headquarters to Shenzhen’s New Generation Industrial Park. The brand might not as well-known on this side of the globe, but Colorful is one of the oldest players in the Chinese market.

There are many rare graphics cards on display at Colorful’s museum hailing from the ’80s that you won’t find on anyone’s Best Graphics Cards list today. The company has each one categorized chronologically. The list of graphics cards includes old-school Voodoo graphics cards and Nvidia’s GeForce 256, dubbed the world’s first graphics card. Some of the chipmaker’s first GeForce gaming graphics cards are also part of the exhibition. 

Not everything is about Nvidia though. Colorful also has a priceless collection of ATI graphics cards, such as the legendary Rage Fury MAXX. It was the company’s first dual-chip graphics card and binded two Rage 128 Pro chips together on the same PCB with Nvidia’s SLI technology serving as the main highway for communication. The museum also houses other rare artifacts from IBM, 3Dlabs, Intel, S3, Trident, 3Dfx and many others.

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(Image credit: Colorful)

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(Image credit: Colorful)

Since it’s Colorful’s museum, after all, the company also has diverse sections to pay homage to the evolution of eSports in China, as well as the brand’s own iGame and Kudan bloodline.

Colorful also endowed its museum with some of the latest toys on the market. The company has setup a racing simulator with three 8K displays and a VR station.

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GPU Museum (Image credit: Colorful)

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GPU Museum (Image credit: Colorful)

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GPU Museum (Image credit: Colorful)

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GPU Museum (Image credit: Colorful)

Colorful stated that the museum will be open for visitor registration “soon,” but didn’t commit to a specific date.

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