i-Rocks K72MN Artisan Keyboard Review

Source: Tech Power Up added 04th Jun 2021

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After my review of the i-Rocks K71MN, I realized the brand was still doing wacky things and went on their website to see more. There was an interesting April Fool’s prank that unfortunately was put out a day too early and a few other keyboards that interested yours truly. One of those turned out to be an OEM product sadly, but the second one is a proper retail unit, and so here we are. Fitting then that the keyboard we are checking out is called the K72MN too, right after the K71MN from before. Thanks again to i-Rocks for sending a review sample to TechPowerUp!

Named the K72MN Artisan keyboard by i-Rocks, the keyboard has been designed with a wood grain top plate. Unfortunately, and this is not the easiest to grab from the product page, it is actually a wood grain wrap over an aluminium frame as opposed to full wood. It’s no Datamancer Diviner, to say the least! That said, it’s also not going to cost half a grand either, so let’s see how artisan exactly the i-Rocks K72MN is in this review that begins with a look at the keyboard specifications in the table below.


i-Rocks K72MN Keyboard
Layout: Full-size form factor in a US ANSI layout
Material: Aluminium frame with wood-grain finish, ABS plastic case, PBT plastic keycaps, and steel plate
Macro Support: Yes
Weight (total): 1.8 kg/3.97 lbs.
Wrist Rest: No
Anti-ghosting: Full N-Key rollover USB
Media Keys: Available as a layered function
Dimensions: 183 (L) x 462 (W) x 36 (H) mm
Cable Length: 6.6 ft/2.0 m
Software: Yes
Switch Type: Choice of Cherry MX Red, Brown, or Blue mechanical switch
Backlighting: No
Interface: USB
Warranty: One year
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