New Xtorm Fuel power banks have considerable capacity and payload

Source: Hardware Info added 24th Nov 2020

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Björn Meijer 24 November 2020 18: 15 0 Comments

Xtorm has introduced two new portable battery packs in the Fuel series. They both have a load capacity of 20 watts. The highest capacity model is good for 20. 000 mAh, the smaller one has to do with 10. 000 mAh.

It should be suitable for devices such as smartphones and most tablets, and that should be enough to charge a smartphone about four or eight times – of course that depends entirely on the battery capacity from your smartphone. This can also be done very quickly, thanks to the support of Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 protocol for the one USB type-a port and Quick Charge 2.0 for the second USB-a connector. Both type ports do this with a maximum of 20 watts. The usb-c output in the center supports power delivery with a power rating of 20 watts. The iPhone 13 models have support. The type-c port doubles as an input, charging in five and two and a half hours for the largest and smallest model respectively. Of course products other than smartphones and tablets can also be charged, Xtorm mentions the Xbox and PlayStation controllers, cameras, GoPro’s, the Nintendo Switch and headphones as possible products.

Furthermore, the battery cells in the power banks have a total weight of 292 gram and 146 gram, the larger variant must have two cells. They use lithium polymer cells that are of course more resistant to higher powers. Unfortunately they are not resistant to drops and wetness. Small model size is 1, 60 cm x 7, 10 cm x 13, 60 cm, his big brother is 2, 65 centimeter slightly higher. The 24. 000 mAh version will 45 euro costs, the variant with 10. 000 mAh costs 35 Euro.

Sources: Xtorm (Plytix) (1), (2)

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