This $50 mobile controller is cheap, and might remind you of a Nintendo Switch

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  • this-$50-mobile-controller-is-cheap,-and-might-remind-you-of-a-nintendo-switch

Key Takeaways

  • The GameSir X2S is one of the cheapest mobile controllers on the market.
  • Mobile gaming is here to stay with smartphones as gaming machines.
  • GameSir X2S turns any phone into a Nintendo Switch-style controller for $50.

You might be surprised to learn that Apple makes more money from gaming than Microsoft, which impressive for a company which doesn’t make consoles or sell games. Google too makes a fortune, something close to $11 billion annually. Mobile games are here to stay, and while no one can dispute that our smartphones are legitimate gaming machines there’s one problem: while they might be useful for gaming, they aren’t made for it. Fighters, shooters, anything that requires precision or reflexes is nigh on impossible with a touchscreen.

Enter the likes of the GameSir X2S, a nifty little device that turns any phone with a USB-C slot, into something akin to a Nintendo Switch. No laggy Bluetooth or set-up required, just plug then jump in. It’s a great idea, and GameSir certainly isn’t alone in having it, as there are other high profile options from the likes of Razer.

So what makes the GameSir X2s special, why should it earn your hard-won dollars over any other purchase?

Read on for our full review.

GameSir X2S

The GameSir X2S is a budget gaming controller designed to be attached to smartphones with USB-C ports, sporting hall-effect controls and a jaunty design. Each button is remappable, it has built-in gaming latency reduction features and an Android app.


  • Great looks
  • Hall effect controls
  • Adjustable USB-C port


  • Slightly small
  • No palm rests
  • Can be a little flimsy


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Price, specs, and availability

The GameSir X2S mobile controller is available now for prices starting at $45 on Amazon and direct from GameSir. The controller is available in the USA and internationally.

GameSir X2S

Number of Colors

Control Types


Compatible Systems
Android, iPhone 15 and above


Color Options



Headset Support

Programmable Buttons

Extra Buttons


What I liked about the Gamesir X2S

All plastic SNES chic fantastic

When I first saw the GameSir after unboxing it, I wasn’t really sure what to think. If your first idea of a mobile controller is that it would be lightweight and plastic, then you’d be exactly right.

I’ve got thoughts on the shape and layout, but more on those later. What’s immediately apparent is the buttons themselves are nice and clicky and arranged in the now standard XYAB Xbox layout.

Attaching a phone is as easy as pie, just push it into the USB-C slot, extend the controller and you’re ready. Despite the diminutive dimensions of the X2S it was able to accommodate a wide array of phone sizes, including our test device with a 6.78 inch display. Unless you are trying to cram a tablet in, you should be able to fit what you like.

Another positive aspect of this device is the fact that the USB-C slot is movable, making it much easier to insert a device than it would be otherwise. Overall I liked the color scheme too, which is very SNES-esque. It’s a cute retro throwback and gives it a little personality of its own. There’s a lot of versatility which comes with USB-C, asyou can connect pretty much any Android phone and the GameSir will just work, nothing else required. No Bluetooth, no setup, just blessed convenience.

Coming back to the controls, from the buttons to the joysticks, everything is made with the hall-effect, which essentially means they work using magnets. Hall-effect controls are more precise and satisfying to use, and that’s pretty much the case here. For a lot of genres they work well, and in testing with Streets of Rage 4 they were responsive and able to keep up with fast combos relatively well.


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What I didn’t like about the GameSir X2S

A little issue to address

Although the controls are nice and clicky, it’s important to note that they are small.

Now I’m not a hobbit, but my hands are worthy of any Baggins. Even in my miniscule mitts, the layout of the GameSir X2S was just a bit too cramped to be truly comfortable. The effect is exacerbated when using a large phone, and it means that using it for long periods of time can become uncomfortable. The right joystick in particular was a challenge to reach, and the smaller buttons made it easy to accidentally press two at once.

As mentioned, Streets of Rage 4 worked well, however any game requiring twin joystick use is a challenge. I found I didn’t have enough room to really let my hands spread out. For a lot of titles that might not be an issue, but if you are into emulation, PS2 games and the like can be difficult to play. A solution would be palm rests, however that would increase the size of the X2S, and the cost too, both of which were clearly key considerations.

Another area for improvement is with the companion app. This is an Android exclusive, which allows you to remap buttons and download firmware updates. I found that this app crashed quite a lot and so didn’t provide the best experience, but that’s something which could be theoretically fixed with an update, but for now, the app doesn’t work well enough to recommend.


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Should you buy the GameSir X2S?

So where does all of this leave the GameSir X2S? The biggest point in its favor is that it is one of the few mobile gaming controllers with a truly attractive price tag. Where many will set you back north of $70, the GameSir costs a mere $50.

There are some drawbacks of course, not least the size. For kids, or those with very small hands, it will be no issue to use. If, however, you have regular or large hands, you’ll struggle and find the layout cramped, making the X2S a hard no for certain genres of game.

The controls themselves feel nice to use, and the X2S can accommodate nearly any size of phone, however the core issue remains. Should you be in the market for something cheap that does the job, and if you also have small hands, the X2S will be a great option for you. If that isn’t you, there are better options available elsewhere, including from GameSir.

GameSir X2S

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