Windows 10 gets Copilot as part of mandatory update — turns AI widget into a full-fledged app on the taskbar

Source: Tom's Hardware added 10th Jul 2024

  • windows-10-gets-copilot-as-part-of-mandatory-update-—-turns-ai-widget-into-a-full-fledged-app-on-the-taskbar

Windows 10 21H2 and 22H2 systems will receive the mandatory KB5040427 update, which will pin Microsoft Copilot to their taskbar and make it behave more like an app. Windows 10 users have previously received Copilot, but it’s attached to the right side of the taskbar. Earlier builds of the AI app refused to work if the toolbar wasn’t placed at the bottom of the screen.

This required update is a part of Microsoft’s push to deliver the AI experience to most of its users, especially as Windows 11 still hasn’t taken the majority market share for the Windows operating system. However, even with Windows 10 support officially ending in 2025, many users still hold off on upgrading to the latest version of Windows.

You’re also out of luck if you’re not a fan of AI and Microsoft Copilot because you cannot skip this update unless you never connect your PC to the internet. When your computer checks for updates, it will automatically install this update, pinning the Copilot app on your taskbar. We’re also unsure if you can unpin and hide the app after the update, like how you can turn off Windows web search.

However, if you actually enjoy using Copilot, you’re going to love this update. That’s because it removes the app from its dock and makes it act more like an app. You can now resize the window when using it, move it across your display (or even across monitors), and snap it to size.

Despite the mandatory update, it won’t be available to all users globally. Instead, Microsoft said it will gradually roll out the update to Microsoft Copilot, so it might take some time before you see it next to the Start Menu icon on your PC. Microsoft also didn’t give a timeline for when it will complete the update, so we don’t know if you will get it in days, weeks, or months.

Copilot also doesn’t require many PC resources, with the app just needing 4 GB of RAM and a 720p display. So, even if you have a much older device, you will still get Microsoft’s AI assistant on your computer, whether you like it or not.

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