Windows 11 Screenshots Leak, Show 10X-Like Changes

Source: Tom's Hardware added 15th Jun 2021

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(Image credit: sdra_owen on Baidu)

Two screenshots from Windows 11 appear to have leaked on Baidu, a Chinese forum. The two screenshots show off a new, refreshed Start menu as well as the settings screen, which shows the name Windows 11 Pro.

The image of the Start menu is the big reveal. It shows a new, centered task bar, similar to what was seen in Windows 10X prior to its cancelation. The menu doesn’t have Live Tiles and lets you pin software in place. There’s also a power icon to shut down or restart your computer. It all looks far more touch-friendly, and is likely part of the Windows 10X project being folded into Windows 11.

(Image credit: sdra_owen on Baidu)

The second image is far less revealing. It lists the name “Windows 11 Pro,” suggesting that Microsoft will stick to the Home, Pro and Enterprise naming system.

There’s also a small hint of a new desktop background, but it’s unclear if that belongs to the user or if it’s a new default.

The very little we see otherwise looks very similar to Windows 10, including the rest of the taskbar and the shortcuts on the desktop.

Microsoft didn’t respond to a request for comment prior to publication. This story will be updated if it responds.

Microsoft will host an event on June 24 to announce what’s next for Windows. The company has been dropping hints at it being Windows 11, including an 11-minute video of Windows startup sounds and an image showing two lights coming through a window that form the number 11. It’s likely we’ll learn more then.

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