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Philips 7000 series TAX7207/10 portable speaker 2.1 portable speaker system Black 80 W



Start the party right
Set the party off with a bang with this awesome, light effect cube speaker! Powerful sound, big bass and ethereal 360° lights bathe the room with good vibes. Connect up to 50 speakers for a wall of light and sound.

Powerful sound with extra-heavy bass
This karaoke cube speaker will immerse the room in rich sounds and banging bass. The built-in battery lets you move the party outside for up to 12 hours of play time on a single charge.

Connect up to 50 speakers for a wall of sound
You can connect up to 50 speakers together. A handle at the top and the cube design allow you to easily stack speakers on top of each other. Create a wall of sound with a glowing mesh of lights to get your party started right.

360° light bars pulse and glow to the music
Glowing light bars pulse through the semitransparent speaker creating a futuristic 360° light show to accompany your tunes. The lights will change colour and pulse along with your music.

2 mic inputs. Karaoke effects
2 mic inputs allow you to kick your party into karaoke mode. Take it up a notch with echo, female/male voice switch and vocal fader voice effects. Both mics and effects have their own controls on the speaker.

Connect easily via Bluetooth, USB or audio-in
Connect any way you like. Stream your tunes via Bluetooth. Easily connect other devices via audio-in or USB. You can also connect to another speaker or amp using the line-out socket.


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