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Blue Origin’s first crewed launch since 2022: Where to watch

It’s been over a year and a half since Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket failed mid-flight, and more than two since its last crewed flight. Now, the company is go to launch six human beings into space. The company’s launch window begins at 6:30AM PT / 9:30AM ET, but will start streaming 40 minutes ahead… Read more

This modder proves everything’s better with a GBA SP screen attached

Have you ever looked at a Nintendo DS and thought it would be cooler if the top screen was swapped for the Game Boy Advance SP’s? Or looked at a Super Nintendo controller and wished it had a GBA SP screen bolted onto the back? Whether you have or not, Hardware modder Hairo Satoh, aka… Read more

This smart smoker makes barbecuing indoors a breeze

My love affair with barbecue has been a slow burn. I’m from England, where BBQ means grilling burgers and steak in the garden on a gas grill. So, when I moved to South Carolina over a decade ago, I had no clue what pulled pork was or that brisket was even a thing. I learned… Read more

Sugar’s big twist was more than a gimmick

For most of its first season, Sugar on Apple TV Plus was a fairly typical if slickly produced detective story. It starred Colin Farrell as John Sugar, a private investigator with a number of charming quirks — obsessed with old movies, unable to get drunk, beloved by dogs — who was determined to solve a… Read more

The MSI Claw is an embarrassment

No one should buy an MSI Claw. It’s not technically broken: the first 7-inch Intel Core Ultra handheld gaming PC doesn’t regularly crash or anything like that. But the Claw falls so far short of the competition that it’s effectively dead on arrival. In almost every way, the $750 MSI Claw feels like an inferior… Read more

Behold Ayaneo’s sophisticated takes on the Game Boy and Game Boy Micro

The Analogue Pocket is the most advanced Game Boy to ever take actual carts, but Ayaneo has just unveiled a pair of emulator-centric pocket computers that could give it a run for its cash — including a modern take on the original DMG-01 Nintendo Game Boy that now includes a 419ppi OLED screen. Unfortunately, we’ve… Read more

Sony Walkman E394 review: Simply so fun in 2024

Nowadays, the tech we take around with us everywhere has a tendency to do everything. Smartphones are more than just phones, they’re basically little computers in our pockets that connect us to the whole world, and connect us to our media like music streaming, photos, and videos. So, when given the opportunity to use a… Read more

Amazon Smart Plug review

I was shocked at how easy the Amazon Smart Plug is to use This is an easy-to-use smart plug that seamlessly integrates into Amazon Alexa homes. I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient. Whether it’s taking a different route to get somewhere because it might shave a few minutes off or it’s baking… Read more


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