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Zuckerberg says it will take Meta years to make money from generative AI

The generative AI gold rush is underway — just don’t expect it to create profits anytime soon. That was the message from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to investors during Wednesday’s call for the company’s first-quarter earnings report. Having just put its ChatGPT competitor in a bunch of places across Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, much of… Read more

Threads wants to let you wipe your old posts away

Threads is testing the option to automatically hide your old posts. Instagram head Adam Mosseri says the feature is only available to a “small number” of users for now, but it will let you choose to archive individual posts manually or have them automatically archived after a certain amount of time. You can see an… Read more

The BattlerGC Pro might be the GameCube controller’s final form

This new BattlerGC Pro controller looks like it could be the ultimate GameCube gamepad — one with drift-resistant Hall effect joysticks, hybrid analog / digital triggers, programmable back buttons, a rechargeable battery with a USB-C port, and the ability to use it across different consoles and systems thanks to Bluetooth support. And of course, it’s the… Read more

Airlines will soon have to pay you back if they cancel or delay your flight

The Department of Transportation (DOT) finalized rules that will soon require airlines to quickly refund passengers if they cancel or delay flights or make significant changes. Airlines must pay passengers back either in cash or in the original form of payment, no matter the reason they cancel their flight. Alternatively, passengers can choose to accept… Read more

WhatsApp for iOS is rolling out passwordless logins with passkeys

Skip to main content WhatsApp for iOS is rolling out passwordless logins with passkeys / Passkeys come to the iOS app a few months after the Android version. By Wes Davis, a weekend editor who covers the latest in tech and entertainment. He has written news, reviews, and more as a tech journalist since 2020…. Read more

TikTok will stop paying people to watch videos every day

TikTok will stop paying people to watch videos every day / TikTok is suspending a reward program that pays users a small amount each day for interacting with the platform. By Allison Johnson, a reviewer with 10 years of experience writing about consumer tech. She has a special interest in mobile photography and telecom. Previously,… Read more

Paramount Plus is trying to carve out a safe streaming space for kids

There are two types of parents I’m friends with: those who let their kids watch YouTube and those who work very hard to keep their kids as far from YouTube as possible. Given I know at least one small child who developed an obsession with dictators after getting around the YouTube parental controls, I understand… Read more

Feds charge Iranian nationals for cyberattacks against US government

The US government has charged and sanctioned four Iranian nationals over claims they carried out a yearslong hacking campaign against US government agencies and companies. It also accuses the group of waging these attacks on behalf of the Iranian government. An indictment unsealed on Tuesday alleges that from around 2016 through at least April 2021,… Read more


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