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Microsoft angers the .NET open source community with a controversial decision

Microsoft has spent the past 10 years embracing open-source software and, at several points, even admitting it loves Linux and the open source community. The Linux Foundation even praised Microsoft for working with the open source community after the company joined the foundation nearly five years ago. All of this goodwill could be about to… Read more

Overwatch’s cowboy hero is now named Cole Cassidy

Jesse McCree, Overwatch’s cowboy hero, has been renamed Cole Cassidy. The name change is part of a number of updates Blizzard is making to its games to remove references to problematic people or themes that have come to light in the wake of several discrimination and harassment suits filed against the company. Last month, World… Read more

How to stop annoying robocalls on your iPhone or Android phone

Mobile spam calls have been a nuisance for years. I get between four and six robocalls daily, and a quick survey of friends shows that I’m not alone. Every waking day brings with it a new barrage. Robocallers have upped their game by masking their spam with local, genuine-looking phone numbers. Sometimes their nonsense is… Read more

Google Meet hosts will be able to keep participant mics and cameras off

Google Meet hosts will soon be able to turn off participants’ microphones or cameras and prevent them from turning them back on, the company announced in a Workspace blog. The feature could be a useful way for hosts to keep noisy or rowdy attendees from continually interrupting meetings even after they have already been muted…. Read more

Satechi’s USB-C hub can hold an SSD if you have more money than ports

Noted hub-maker Satechi has come out with a new dongle that combines extra ports and a slot for an M.2 SATA SSD for expanding both your computer’s IO and storage while only taking up one of your precious ports. It doesn’t come with an SSD, but it does have a catchy name: the Satechi USB-C… Read more

Ford nabs $884 million incentive package for EV ‘mega campus’

Tennessee lawmakers have approved an $884 million incentive package for the “mega campus” near Memphis where Ford plans to make batteries and electric vehicles, according to the Tennessean. The money — which is coming from Tennessee’s current $2.1 billion budget surplus — is the single largest investment in the history of the state. It comes… Read more

Feds reportedly take down top ransomware hacker group REvil with a hack of their own

The government has successfully hacked the hacking group REvil, the entity behind the ransomware that’s been linked to leaked Apple leaks, attacks on enterprise software vendors, and more, according to a report from Reuters. The outlet’s sources tell it that the FBI, Secret Service, Cyber Command, and organizations from other countries have worked together to… Read more

Twitter will let you subscribe to a newsletter right from a tweet

Twitter bought out the email newsletter service, Revue, earlier this year, hoping to engage journalists and writers who want to share long-form content without feeling limited by Twitter’s 280 character limit. Now, the newly integrated service is getting an update. We’ve got big news. (You’re really going to like this.) Starting today, your followers can… Read more


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