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Apple may shift some iPad production away from China to India

After shifting iPhone production away from China, it now looks as if Apple’s got its eye on iPad production. According to CNBC, Apple is discussing producing some of its iPads in India to help diversify its supply chain. The news comes almost two years after reports emerged that Apple is considering manufacturing iPads in Vietnam,… Read more

Around 300 QA workers at Microsoft-owned ZeniMax are organizing a union

As labor movements in the video game industry build up momentum, over 300 quality assurance workers at ZeniMax Online Studios, former Bethesda parent company and current subsidiary of Microsoft, are in the process of organizing a union. The workers are organizing in collaboration with CODE-CWA, which has assisted in the formation of Activision Blizzard’s two… Read more

The alert slider lives on in leaked OnePlus 11 render

Reliable leaker OnLeaks is offering what’s likely an early look at the upcoming OnePlus 11, with an updated camera bump treatment and the beloved alert slider intact. The image, courtesy of, shows a sleek round camera bump, green and black color options, and the alert slider alive and well on the device’s side rail… Read more

Shein will spend $15 million on ‘improving standards’ at factories after a report found labor violations

Online shopping behemoth Shein will spend $15 million on upgrades to its suppliers’ factories, the company announced today. The news follows a UK documentary report that found workers were subject to long hours and that wages were withheld, according to The Guardian. Shein says that, through an independent audit, it discovered that workers at two… Read more

Why won’t The Callisto Protocol just let me fight zombies?

The world is full of mediocre video games, but occasionally there’s a game that makes me actually mad. It’s usually something I have high hopes for — a particularly creative idea or a genre I wish more developers were experimenting with. It’s often something whose priorities seem painfully and dramatically misplaced. The Callisto Protocol — a… Read more

Starlink is delaying its daytime data caps

Starlink’s upcoming daytime data caps will be going into effect in February instead of December, according to revised language on the company’s website (via CNET). When Starlink first announced the caps in November, the company had said they’d kick in sometime this month. Now, they’ll be in place a little bit later than originally planned…. Read more

How to find your Spotify Wrapped

One of the more popular end-of-year items this year (and many of the past few years) is Spotify Wrapped, where the music service puts together a roundup of everything you listened to that year in various statistical formats, wrapped up (well, that’s what it’s called, right?) in bright, fun graphics. You can see what music… Read more

Ramattra will be easier to earn in the Overwatch 2 battle pass

Ramattra, the sleek and terrifying new tank coming with Overwatch 2’s second season, will be much easier to earn than the previous hero Kiriko. Aaron Keller, Overwatch 2’s game designer, stated in a brief message on Twitter that developer Blizzard is lowering the level at which Ramattra unlocks from 55 to 45. In the past,… Read more


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