Apple Car: this is what the car's internal display could look like with Car Play

Source: HW Upgrade added 21st Jan 2021

  • apple-car:-this-is-what-the-car's-internal-display-could-look-like-with-car-play

Apple’s futuristic car seems to be there really and it could come in the next few years just as many rumors have reported. Its appearance is unfortunately not yet clear but some designers have thought about what the multifunction internal display could look like. And they made this video. You’d like it?

by Bruno Mucciarelli published , at 13: 21 in the Apple channel


Apple’s future car may not be just a dream but a reality. The rumors about the possibility that the Cupertino company is really in talks with Hyundai for the construction of an Apple Car, have chased each other much too much in recent weeks to be just talk. In fact, unfortunately, at the moment there are no verifiable confirmations but only indiscretions but which in any case have created not only a strong hype in the automotive world but have also given rise to a series of concepts on what revolves around the Apple-branded car of the future. .

Apple Car: what if the internal display is like this ?

So the designers have already set to work and have thought about what will actually affect the new Apple Car. John Calkins’ video takes a cue from this that puts what, according to him, could be the multifunction video panel of a hypothetical Apple car of the future into the car. The video then shows a possible 15 inch touch panel, a little ‘as already seen on Tesla or other electric motor cars and more.

Here, however, a dominating is the Apple operating system with a dock on the left similar to the one we see every day on iPhones or iPads. The applications are all there and the user could indulge in opening for example that of the maps in order to have navigation in the foreground on the huge screen or could also open the app of the music , podcasts or Apple TV + to even see a movie, clearly not with the car in motion.

Next to the dock where the various applications are located there is the schematized Apple Car where the controls for the lights, internal ventilation and other accessories present in the car are indicated. Everything can be controlled via the touches on the multifunction display and clearly there is also Siri , Apple’s voice assistant, which in the car could become essential to carry out some operations without diverting attention from the road.