Apple was reportedly interested in electric car startup Canoo

Source: added 14th Jan 2021

In order to promote the development of its own electric car, Apple allegedly also had talks with the startup Canoo: In several meetings in the first half of the year 2020 various options have been explored – from an investment to a takeover, as The Verge reports with reference to informed persons.

Chassis for electric cars Canoo, the was founded by former top managers of German car manufacturers, develops a platform for electric vehicles (“skateboard”) and recently introduced the battery-powered MPDV delivery van. Canoo was probably primarily concerned with an injection of funds from Apple, because money had become tight after the development of the prototype of a planned electric van, notes The Verge . The talks with Apple ultimately fizzled out. Canoo also had talks with other companies from the USA and China.

In February 2020 Hyundai and Canoo have announced a partnership in the development of an electric car, the South Korean auto giant has been the first major customer to order an EV skateboard from Canoo. There have recently been several reports of a collaboration between Hyundai and Apple to develop a car, Hyundai only confirmed talks with the iPhone company, only to row back a short time later.

Electric multifunction delivery van Canoo MPDV (01 Pictures) (Image: Canoo

) Apple Car – only when? It is currently expected that Apple still needs several years to implement an Apple Car. Production in partnership with Hyundai could begin 2020 in the USA, it was said recently, but Apple wanted to do so first already offer a “beta version” of the vehicle. An Apple car has been under discussion for several years, since 2014 the manufacturer has been researching vehicles and autonomous systems – a three- to four-digit number of employees seem to be involved in the secret project, including many specialists from the automotive industry.


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