Best hair dryer 2020: Dry your ‘do quickly and easily

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(Pocket-lint) – There’s a lot of science behind a good hairdo. Or, at least, there’s generally a lot of effort. Whether your particular cut demands frequent straightening, daily washes or curlers, there are many lengths we’ll all go to to look good. 

One constant for most people, though, is drying. We all wash our hair, and we’ve all found ourselves rushing to get to a social engagement or occasion without having time to towel dry our hair fully.

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Enter hair dryers – for so many years an area full up with supernova-hot air cannons that would scorch your scalp and sizzle your hair. 

Now, though, innovation has taken hold, and there is a frightening range of dryers on the market for you to choose from. Thankfully, they’ve brought with them wild changes like temperature control, quick action and safety. We’ve rounded up all the best ones available for you, right here.

Our pick of the best hair dryers to buy today


Dyson Supersonic


Dyson made real waves when it debuted the Supersonic a few years ago, and with good reason. We’ll get the first obstacle out of the way immediately – this is a massively expensive hair dryer. Compared to even the more luxury options below, it’s seriously expensive. 

Then again, it’s also indisputably great. You get incredibly quick-drying, but with gentle use of temperature that means you’ll never feel that uncomfortable, familiar heat. It’s a high-tech solution that is the best user experience you can get, but you will, of course, have to pay for it. 

Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine The Airshot


Taking a big step down in pricing terms, but still very much a premium dryer is The Airshot from Cloud Nine. It says this dryer has vitamins infused into its ceramic heating elements to nourish your hair – whether that’s meaningful or not, it dries quickly and effectively, which is what it’s all about. 

You get heating options, too, and its Cool Shot setting will give your hair a final whoosh of cold air that should hold your style in place longer, a nice touch. The dryer is also impressively compact, so won’t take up too much space at all.


ghd Air


One of those brands that just has pedigree, ghd’s hairdryer is close to the top of our estimations, just like its hair straighteners are. The Air’s motor means that it can dry your hair super quickly, up to twice as fast as some competitors, and an ionic system also makes for frizz-free drying, always a bonus. 

It’s well-made with solid construction and three options each for speed and temperature, putting the control in your hands. A nice feature is also the relatively quiet operation of the Air compared to many dryers. 


BaByliss 2100 Salon Light


We know that many people won’t want to break into triple figures for a hairdryer, and there are multitudes of cheap options out there. Many, though, are risky propositions. Not so the BaByliss 2100. This is a cheap and cheerful dryer that works efficiently for a great price. 

It’s got controls so that you can choose its power and temperature, and a nice long lead to ensure that you can actually use it easily. It’s also nice and light to hold, making it a great all-round package if your budget is more limited. 


Panasonic EH-NA65


Panasonic’s funky dryer closes out our list and brings some interesting changes to the table compared to most dryers. For one thing, it claims to leave you with smoother, shinier hair than most dryers, through the clever use of water vapour. As it dries out your hair it actually powers tiny amounts of water back onto it, to keep it from actually drying out unhealthily. 

The best part, of course, is that it works, and that’s why it’s on our list. It’s a great dryer that is also gentle on your hair, which is a pretty useful combination, especially if you’re prone to frizziness. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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