Best sports games for Xbox One 2021: Take on the competition in these top titles

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(Pocket-lint) – Whether your chosen sport is golf, football, basketball or something else entirely, there’s a good chance there’s a simulation out there that you can fire up on your console and enjoy. 

With the arrival of a newer generation, some of the latest and greatest sports games are available at an excellent rate on the Xbox One. Since many of the most recent titles were developed for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, too, there’s a good chance that dual compatibility is offered- a real bonus for those planning to upgrade at a later date.

Let’s round up some of the top sports titles available for the platform below, then, and allow you to create historic comebacks, lift trophies and smite the virtual competition.

Best sports games available for Xbox One

EA Sports

Madden NFL 21


EA’s latest instalment in the Madden franchise offers a solid step-up in gameplay over recent titles – and that’s not something that can be said every year, believe us. 

You’ll have to play on newer consoles to really feel the graphical leap forward, but the new gameplay features – such as revamped tackling and the new ‘skill stick’ – and improvements to Face Of The Franchise are all on show in Madden 21 for Xbox One.

Naturally, Madden Ultimate Team is still the go-to mode for online play, featuring regular live promotions and the chance to build your dream team.

EA Sports



EA’s FIFA series is still the king of football sims, with the latest instalment offering some interesting new gameplay features. 

In an edition that bridges the gap nicely between the new generation of consoles, attacking play has been overhauled. Agile dribbling, creative runs and positioning personality all help create an absolute goal-fest. 

We would prefer a bit more emphasis placed on other games modes besides FIFA Ultimate Team, and perhaps some balance between attacking and defending to be restored, but this is still a worthy update to the franchise.

EA Sports

NHL 21


Another of EA’s evergreen sports series comes recreates the world of ice hockey, with NHL 21 providing fans with a solid experience – even if some typical flaws remain.

Single-player has received a revamp in the form of the excellent new Be A Pro mode, allowing users to journey from prospect to legend, while online gaming flourishes with upgrades to World of CHEL and Hockey Ultimate Team Rush modes.

It’s just a shame that some legacy issues continue to plague the series, such as ping pong passing and stale offensive play, but it’s still a decent entry – especially if you can pick it up at a discounted rate.

2K Sports

NBA 2K21


The NBA 2K series is arguably the frontrunner when it comes to offering gamers realistic, immersive and enjoyable gameplay, and the same is still true in the latest go-around. 

Some of last year’s most obvious flaws, such as the shooting mechanic, have been repaired. And though the gameplay improvements are more incremental than a complete overhaul, this is more due to strong previous titles than a lack of innovation.

With that said, we’re put off by the MyCareer and MyTeam modes becoming an increasingly dull grind without giving in to microtransactions.

2K Sports

PGA Tour 2K21


Golf games have been in relatively short supply over the Xbox One’s time, but PGA Tour 2K21 – the first in a rebranded series from 2K – sneaks in before the new generation and gives users an excellent sim.

With more expansive PGA Tour licensing than The Golf Club series, users can explore a career mode alongside the sport’s biggest names, with gems like TPC Sawgrass, Quail Hollow and East Lake Golf Club also featuring.

It’s certainly not the perfect title just yet, with the career mode in need of some consequence and more refined storyline presentation, but it’s a very solid outing with a burgeoning online community, too.

2K Sports

The Golf Club 2019


Before there was PGA Tour 2K21, the publisher had The Golf Club – with the latest in a trio of releases being this edition.

It’s less refined and aesthetically pleasing than the company’s newer release, but it still holds its own thanks to rewarding mechanics and the familiarity of some real-life courses. 

Unfortunately, it also offers up similar jarring commentary and animations that can really break the illusion that you’re out on the course for real.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Dan Grabham.

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