BlackBerry has just sold almost one hundred patents for solutions used in smartphones

Source: Pure PC added 14th Jan 2021

BlackBerry is an icon in the mobile market. The manufacturer, who was appreciated by the broadly understood business for years, created well-made smartphones that we could recognize by one feature. I am talking about the extremely comfortable qwerty keyboard, which offered unparalleled convenience at the time. Unmatched in the heyday of the brand, because today’s virtual on-screen keyboards with the technology of typing gestures provide similar, if not more, convenience. The competition was getting stronger, however, and in 2016 the company stopped producing smartphones and focused on areas such as business services, the Internet of Things and security. Today we learn that BlackBerry has got rid of as many as 90 patents related to smartphone technology.

Exactly 90 BlackBerry patents in the field of technologies used in mobile devices such as smartphones fell into the hands of Huawei. This is only a small part of the intellectual property of the group.

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During one of the industry events, the financial director of BlackBerry announced that the company had sold Huawei as many as 90 key patents for technologies used in smartphones. This is a small part of the 38 000 intellectual property patents “Hackles”. Nevertheless, it was these solutions that made the greatest progress in the times when we called BlackBerry one of the leaders in the smartphone market. We do not know yet when and how the Chinese concern can try to use the obtained solutions.

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What is certain is that Huawei intends to take advantage of these patents. BlackBerry believes that these technologies, and more specifically the rights to use them, are no longer relevant to business. The transfer of rights was registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) 23 on December last year, and therefore we are talking about a fairly recent case. It is sad to see the former power of the mobile market “crumbling”. The devices licensed for TCL were no longer the same as the manufacturer’s old smartphones.

Source: Huawei Central, Globendail