Chord Company’s new SignatureX interconnect promises “the best performance in 25 years” – but it’ll cost you

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(Image credit: Chord Company)

British audio specialist Chord Company has announced an upgrade to its long-running, high-performance and very high-end Signature cable range. The new SignatureX Tuned ARAY boasts upgraded materials, specifications and construction for what Chord Company boasts will be “the best Signature analogue interconnect in the range’s 25-year history”.  

The SignatureX Tuned ARAY features cross-linked Polythene (XLPE) insulation, a technology first introduced in the SignatureXL speaker and power cables. This updated upgraded insulation has been added in conjunction with the shielding architecture and Chord’s proprietary Tuned ARAY conductor geometry technology taken from the previous generation. 

The new analogue interconnect cable is bolstered by ultra-low-mass RCA connectors, while XLR and DIN connectors are also available (good news for Naim users, especially for the new Naim Classic range). There’s also a turntable-ready version available to order, as well as tonearm cables in slim or reference versions. 

The pins themselves are ChorAlloy plated, a new multi-metal material that we’ve seen (and heard) used in the Award-winning Rumour X (2022) and Clearway Analogue RCA (2022) cables. ChorAlloy is designed to improve conductivity and tarnish less over time. Chord further says it aims to avoid changes in impedance where the cable is terminated.

(Image credit: Chord Company)

The cable’s conductors, meanwhile, are multi-stranded silver-plated OFC types with XLPE insulation, whereas high-frequency shielding is provided courtesy of a high-density silver-plated braid and foil mix. 

The new XLPE insulation is clearly something that the Chord Company is looking to use going forward, recently announcing that all future Signature range interconnects will be upgraded to incorporate XLPE insulation.

Price? Available now, the new SignatureX Tuned ARAY interconnect costs a rather expensive £1,000 per metre, so it’s very much suitable for those customers who want a premium cable for some similarly premium hi-fi equipment. 


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