Creative Cloud: Fan Terror Under Big Sur

Source: added 14th Jan 2021

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Users of macOS 11 alias Big Sur complain about a high processor load from Adobe’s Creative Cloud package. Even on a current MacBook Pro with 16 inch large screen and a fast Intel chip, some of the processes in the creative program suite should reduce the load to almost 100 percent drive.

fan on, battery charged This is visible in the activity display – and above all it can be heard because the fans are spinning up. All you have to do is have the Creative Cloud installed and open one of the programs it contains – such as Photoshop. For some users, however, the fan also rotates without an Adobe app running. The bug also ensures that the battery of notebooks drains much faster.

Two background processes affected The reason for the high processor load seems to be a bug that is in Adobe’s background processes – it apparently only occurs under macOS 11 Big Sur revealed. Affected users report that these are the background processes “CCXProcess” and “CCLIbrary”. You shouldn’t shoot both of them as they are necessary for Adobe programs to work. In addition, the heavy load occurs almost immediately after a restart of the processes.

CCXProcess-Team to the rescue! Adobe itself is busy with the problem, as can be seen in the official forum. The employee Mariia Novikova announced there that the CCXProcess had looked at the matter. A first bug fix is ​​also available, which can be imported using the update function. Novikova promises that if CCXProcess reaches version 4.1.3 afterwards, the error should be resolved. CCLibrary is not mentioned by her, however, possibly the bug in CCXProcess first causes the problem in the library manager.

M1 Macs will soon be supported Adobe recently started to adapt its programs to Apple’s new ARM Macs. There are pre-release versions of Premiere Pro, Rush and Audition as well as Photoshop. However, major changes to the code are necessary on the part of Adobe, which is why the betas currently lack various functions. (bsc)

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