Eufy Indoor Cam S350 review: Great image quality

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Key Takeaways

  • The Eufy Indoor Cam S350 offers impressive resolution, zoom, and AI tracking capabilities for a quality security camera option.
  • Its sleek design and dual camera setup make it stand out, providing clear imaging and video capturing for indoor use.
  • While customization may take some time, the Eufy Indoor Cam S350’s features, night vision, and integration possibilities are worth considering.

When you’re trying to find the perfect security system for your home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the options and their features. Do you go big or more sensible? To add to the confusion, there are entire security systems that you can install, such as options from Ring or Vivint, that will look over every window and door and set off an alarm if something trips them. Then there are the physical additions you can make to cover certain spots, such as floodlights and outdoor cameras. But even if you just want to cover a room or two, the indoor camera selection is still vast — among the choices is the Eufy Indoor Cam S350.

Housing dual cameras, the video the Eufy Indoor Cam S350 produces is impressive for a single device. The company also offers various features in its companion app, which the S350 takes advantage of.

I’ve been testing the S350 and have been pleasantly surprised by how clear the imaging and video capture is. But, there are a few things that do bug me about the camera, starting with its sensitivity. Yes, it’s a double-edged sword.


Eufy Indoor Cam S350

$100 $130 Save $30

The Eufy Indoor Cam S350 has dual cameras that shoot 4K UHD, delivering clear images and video recordings back to you. It features an impressive zoom, 360-degree panning, and the ability to record on an SD card or to the cloud.


  • Dual cameras
  • Superb night vision
  • AI detection


  • Notifications tricky to set up
  • Subscription needed for cloud video storage

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Price, specs, and availability

The Eufy Indoor Camera S350 retails for $130. You can find it sold on Eufy’s website, as well as Amazon. It’s been discounted on Amazon before and will likely see more throughout the year, especially during the sales holidays. At just shy of two pounds, it does not weigh much at all. The S350 is wider than some other cameras on the market, but it will not take up much room in the grand scheme of things, as it measures only 2.57″ x 3.16″ x 4.11″.

The camera is designed for indoor use only.

The camera is designed for indoor use only. While it features both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, it only works on Wi-Fi 2.4GHz. The S350 captures video in MPEG-4 format and can only be controlled through the Eufy security app, but you also have the ability to set up video capture on a microSD card. If you choose the microSD option, you can install it in the camera itself or instead pay for a cloud-based subscription to store your recordings. The first 30 days when you register your first device with eufy are free.

Eufy Indoor Cam S350



Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

App Compatibility

Night Vision

Power Source

Measurements (camera)
2.57 x 3.16 x 4.11 inches

4K wide-angle, 2K telephoto

Amazon, Google


Motion detection

Subscription required?

1.21 pounds

What I liked about the Eufy Indoor Cam S350

The clarity is impressive

The Eufy Indoor Cam S350 is a sleek and stylish camera, which is evident the moment you take it out of the box. It comes with a power cable, an outlet plug, mounting equipment, a user manual, and, of course, the camera itself. The setup is simple, as the manual walks you through each step — everything you need in terms of the camera is in the Eufy security app.

After downloading the app and registering an account, you can add the device. While it only takes a few steps to set it up on your home Wi-Fi, the security for the app is strong — you can set up facial recognition to allow only certain users access to the system and feed. The app allows you to name the camera based on where you are placing it so you can tell the difference easily if you’re setting one up in multiple locations. It also walks you through the mounting process and gives suggestions on where to place it based on the viewing angle you want for the room. If you want a broader view of a room to, say, see kids or pets, it will instruct you to place it higher up.

The camera is capable of recognizing faces, and if a stranger walks by that it doesn’t recognize, it can send you an alert.

The S350 has a myriad of customizable settings. You can choose how frequently you want to receive notifications if the camera picks up motion or an alert — which I’ll touch on later as a double-edged sword — and can even set it to pick up humans, pets, kids, noises, or strangers. Capable of recognizing faces, you can instruct the camera to alert you if a stranger walks by that it doesn’t recognize. If you turn on the AI tracking feature, it will also follow people in the room, which makes this an intuitive camera as well.

What was really satisfying was being able not to worry if it saw my dog — who was supposed to be in the room — and alert me every second of the day. But if something it did not recognize passed by, it would send a push notification to my phone. The app controls are vast and impressive, as you can rotate the camera 360 degrees and tilt it up or down to get the perfect view. The dual lenses shoot everything in incredible 4K clarity and can pick up every detail in a room. Plus, there is an 8x zoom that you can deploy to see close up in a video feed.

It’s the clearest of any security camera I have tested.

If you’re watching the live feed, you’ll see for yourself just how clear the video is. It’s the clearest of any security camera I’ve personally tested, which makes it an impressive purchase just on those merits. With the app as your control tower, you can toggle night vision on or off remotely, but it will automatically turn it on if the camera senses that it’s nighttime. You can easily access all the footage your camera has recorded, and the subscription plans are reasonably priced, especially if you only choose the basic plan for one device.

Better yet, the S350 can be integrated into multiple smart home ecosystems, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It creates a satisfyingly seamless experience when you can pull up live feeds on smart displays with voice commands.


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What I didn’t like about the Eufy Indoor Cam S350

It takes a lot of customization

Like I mentioned, the Eufy security app is the control tower for teh S350. On the downside, it does take a lot of fine-tuning to get the settings just right. For some reason, it’s set to a Most Efficient setting in terms of notifications, which sends them immediately when something happens. Most Efficient mode is great if you need it strictly for security purposes, but if you want to turn it on to only record some part of the day, be prepared for an avalanche of notifications.

You are able to change the sensitivity of the camera, which I highly recommend.

To test it out, I stood in front of the camera in Most Efficient mode, which caused my phone to ping nonstop — even though I wasn’t moving. Rather than having this amount of push notifications come to my phone, perhaps a different alert would be better, like a more pronounced buzz or even a ring. To avoid this, you are able to change the sensitivity of the camera, which I highly recommend. But if you want to simplify things, you can just have it send you an alert if a noise is heard or if a pet is seen.

You do have to pay to save your videos — which is not unexpected but still something to consider. If you simply want a camera to watch a live feed instead of storing videos, you can find a much cheaper option on the market.


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Should you buy the Eufy Indoor Cam S350?

There aren’t many cameras that give you as many features as the Eufy Indoor Cam S350. It can pan, tilt, zoom, turn on night vision, store video in some plans, and more. But the resolution is what really blew me away, as well as the incredibly impressive zoom. The cherry on top is the AI tracking — the fact that it can integrate into a smart home adds to the overall experience.

Anyone looking for a quality security camera won’t be able to do much better than this camera.


Eufy Indoor Cam S350

$100 $130 Save $30

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