Flamethrowing Raspberry Pi Roomba Project Balances Danger and Fun

Source: Tom's Hardware added 31st May 2021

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(Image credit: Alfredo Sequeida)

With many Raspberry Pi projects, it’s common to wonder why makers would choose to use a Raspberry Pi, but today we’re asking Alfredo Sequieda why he has done this project at all. In a hilarious yet dangerous burst of creativity, Sequieda has created a Raspberry Pi-powered flamethrowing Roomba.

This isn’t the first creation from Sequida we’ve covered before, he previously had us on the edge of our seats with his awesome Nerf Gun controller, but this flamethrowing Roomba project is in an entirely different tier of engineering. The best Raspberry Pi projects are interactive, and this one is piloted with an Xbox One controller.

It doesn’t take much to power this vacuum of terror — Sequieda controlled all of the operations with a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Thanks to the help of 3D-printed supports, he mounted the Pi to the top of the Roomba along with a bottle of butane.

The servo motors activate the butane via a custom Python script. The Roomba is also controlled by a Python script using serial communication. With this setup, users can steer and operate the flamethrowing Roomba using the wireless Xbox One controller.

Good news for aspiring pyrotechnic engineers—this project is entirely open source. Users can find the code and STL files for 3D printing components on the project’s GitHub page. You can also follow Alfredo Sequeida on YouTube for more cool projects and any updates to this one.

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