Google is down: Youtube, Gmail and other Google services cannot be reached

Source: added 14th Dec 2020

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Several Google services have not been available since Monday lunchtime. The video platform Youtube spits out an error page, and the Google Play Store is no longer accessible. Other Google services, including Youtube Music, Gmail, the Google Calendar and Google’s cloud services no longer work either.

The Google search, however, can be used as usual. Other services, including Youtube, can at least still be used without an account link, for example in the browser’s incognito mode. Youtube Music can also be used in free mode without registration. It is possible that the problem is due to Google’s account management. However, Google has not yet commented on the failure.

On its status dashboard, Google shows all of its services as “offline”. Affected users from the USA, Australia and several European countries, among others, report on the malfunction page

Meanwhile, Google is showing a malfunction on its dashboard for all of its services. So far, however, Google has not provided any information about the causes and the possible time to rectify the malfunction. It only means for the respective service that the problem is known and the users concerned cannot access services.

[Update 14.12.2020 13:40]

In the meantime, Google services as well as Youtube and other offers are gradually coming back; the registration to services like Youtube Music is gradually going again. Google has not yet given any reasons for the complete failure of all of its services.


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