LAMZU Atlantis 4K Review

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LAMZU is a peripherals company based in China. With the Pro and 4K series, LAMZU thoroughly updates their highly successful Atlantis. While the Pro series mice come with a regular USB full-speed dongle by default and require the purchase of a separate 4K dongle to become capable of 4000 Hz wireless polling, the 4K series mice already come with said USB high-speed dongle by default. Aside from that, there is no difference between the Pro and 4K series, and both also come with the improvements LAMZU has made for the V2 release of their original Atlantis: Instead of two larger feet, the V2 4K comes with four smaller skates, and instead of the TTC Gold encoder of the original Atlantis, the V2 utilizes a TTC Silver wheel encoder, which is less susceptible to dust and therefore premature failure. At 55 g, the weight is unchanged, the sensor is still PixArt’s PAW3395 capable of 26,000 CPI, and Huano (blue shell, pink plunger) switches are still used for the main buttons. The usual customization options are present within the software. Initially, the Atlantis 4K is available in black or white.


LAMZU Atlantis 4K
Size: 123 mm x 66 mm x 38 mm
Size (inches): 4.84″ x 2.60″ x 1.50″
Ambidextrous: Yes (side buttons on left side only)
Weight: 55 g
Number of Buttons: 5 (including wheel click)
Main Switches: Huano (blue shell, pink plunger)
Wheel Encoder: Mechanical
Sensor: PixArt PAW3395
Resolution: 50–26,000 CPI
Polling Rate: 125/250/500/1000/2000/4000 Hz
Cable: 1.80 m, braided
Software: Yes
Price: $99.99
Warranty: 1 year
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