Luxman launches limited edition L-595A SE integrated amplifier

Source: What HIFI? added 15th Jun 2021

(Image credit: Luxman)

95 years is a long time in the hi-fi industry, but that’s the milestone Luxman has reached in 2021. To celebrate, the company has gone back in time for inspiration for a brand new special edition integrated amplifier.

From the outside, the L-595A SE looks similar to the L-570E Class A amp which launched back in 1989 and became one of the company’s best-selling models of the 1990s.

Front panel details include aluminium selection buttons for all inputs, a volume level LED light, and a counterbore around the volume dial. The amp boasts a hairline finish on the top and front panels with the top section featuring wider venting than on the L-570E for the extra heat management needed by the new model.

A two-tone colour scheme features on the front and includes the use of black alumite at the bottom which helps give the L-595A SE its distinct look. Also on the front panel, you’ll find a headphone jack, tone controls and speaker selector buttons. It comes with a matching remote control handset and weighs a hefty 27.7kg.

(Image credit: Luxman)

The inside has been completely redesigned and features some of Luxman’s latest technology, including a three-stage, triple-paralleled push-pull amp set-up, and a brand new feedback circuit.

There’s also a new LECUA1000 electronically controlled attenuator with 88-step amplifier circuitry for smooth volume control. Short paths for audio input signals to travel to the speaker outputs have been used, as has copper-plated steel, to reduce the effects of external noise. High-density feet have been fitted to help to minimise vibrations.

The L-595A SE is rated at 30 watts-per channel (into eight ohms) and includes a selection of line-level and balanced inputs, plus a built-in MM/MC phono amplifier circuit so you can connect a suitable record player.

If you like the look of the Luxman, you’ll need to be quick, and also have deep pockets. The L-595A SE is limited to just 300 units and will set you back £11,000 ($11,995 exc tax). Orders can be placed now through select Luxman retailers.

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