New trailers: Tiger, Coming 2 America, The Little Things, and more

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So I watched Wonder Woman 1984 and I may need to watch a second time before I decide what I think because right now I think it’s sort of a parody of 1980s movies that doesn’t quite hit the mark despite a fine performance by Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian!) as the villain. Also about to wrap season 7 in my binge-watch of Homeland… I’ve stuck with it this long so need to find out how it all ends. Note to self though: need to pick something a little less dystopian for the next binge-watching project.

It’s our final trailer wrap up for 2020 and we have a little bit of everything: a drama, a documentary, a “psychological thriller,” and a comedy.


A two-part documentary about the life and career of Tiger Woods — yes, it’s being called the Tiger version of the Michael Jordan documentary Last Dance— looks at the golfer’s rise, fall, and comeback (although as Deadline notes, while the trailer teases an interview with Rachel Uchitel who had an affair with Woods, his ex-wife Elin Nordegren is conspicuously absent). Tiger is coming to HBO Max January 10th, with part two on January 17th.

Coming 2 America

The sequel to the 1988 comedy Coming to America sees Eddie Murphy reprise his role as Prince Akeem—or now, King Akeem— of the fictional African country Zamunda, who must return to Queens because something something male heir to the throne something. Murphy reunites with Arsenio Hall, who plays his loyal sidekick Semmi, and the two reprise their numerous supporting character roles as well. James Earl Jones, Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, John Amos, Wesley Snipes, and Shari Headley also star. Coming 2 America hits Amazon Prime Video on March 5th.


Justin Timberlake takes a dramatic turn former high school football star Eddie Palmer who returns home after spending 12 years in prison. He forms a bond with neglected neighbor child Sam (Ryder Allen), who gets bullied because of his nonconforming gender identity. I’ll be interested to see Timberlake in such a heavy role, and let’s hope the film treats the sensitive topic of a child’s gender identity with care. Palmer debuts on Apple TV Plus on January 29th.

The Little Things

Denzel Washington and Rami Malek star as a pair of sheriffs tracking a serial killer (Jared Leto) who preys on women. Naturally, Washington’s character has a secret, troubled past which the new case dredges up. I feel like maybe perhaps I have seen this plot many times already, but, Denzel Washington is a good reason to watch any movie, so I will reserve judgement. The Little Things premieres in theaters and on HBO Max January 29th.

Outside the Wire

Anthony Mackie plays Leo, a robot military officer who pairs up with a drone pilot named Harp (Damson Idris) to track down a doomsday device before the bad guys do. Get ‘em, Falcon. Outside the Wire hits Netflix January 15th

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