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Key Takeaways

  • The Pebblebee Clip Gen 2 is a reliable Bluetooth tracker compatible with iPhone and Android.
  • The tracker offers 500ft Bluetooth range, loud sound, bright lights, and lasts 12 months on a charge.
  • The tracker isn’t compatible with both iPhone and Android simultaneously.

Uttering the sentence, “Where did I put that?” can get incredibly frustrating, especially if you’re saying it repeatedly. Being unable to find something that you lost, even though you swore you just saw it, is all too common for most people. Whether it’s your phone, TV remote, or even your purse, misplacing your most used items is a pain. Luckily, there are Bluetooth trackers that you can attach to your personal items to keep a better eye on them.

The Pebblebee Clip Gen 2 is one of those accessories. I’ve been using this Bluetooth tracker on different items in my home and found it to be incredibly helpful. I didn’t even need to use the sound feature to find my work bag. It can even be used to keep track of a pet.

Adding an accessory like this to your toolkit will only help your memory and ease your mind. The Pebblebee Clip offers a tiny design that makes it easy to place on various items.


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Pebblebee Clip

The Pebblebee Clip tracker utilizes the hundreds of millions of mobile devices integrated into Apple’s Find My network and Google’s Find My Device network to locate your misplaced items. Smaller and lighter than its predecessors, it offers a battery life of up to 12 months on a single charge.


  • 500 feet Bluetooth range
  • Loud sound and bright lights
  • Works well with Find My Device


  • Either works for iPhone or Android – not both

Price, specs, and availability

The Pebblebee Clip Gen 2 retails for $30. It’s available currently on Amazon, and while it’s sold on Pebblebee’s website, the version there is currently sold out. It measures 1.77″ x 1.49″ x 0.33″, meaning it will fit in your hand and easily slide onto multiple items. It weighs only 0.28oz, so it’s incredibly lightweight. When you unbox the Pebblebee Clip, you’ll find a charging cable, the device, and then a detachable key ring.

The tracker works with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and up, allowing you to sync it up with your iPhone without problems. The Pebblebee is IPX6 water-resistant and offers Bluetooth range of up to 500ft.

Pebblebee Clip



Lasts for over 12 months

500 feet

Water Resistance


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What I like about the Pebblebee Clip

It’s easy to set up and use

It took almost no time to set up the Pebblebee Clip. On the box, you scan a QR code, register your device with Pebblebee, and then set it up from there. The clip I received works within the Pebblebee app and with Apple’s Find My app, which I found to be very simple and easy to do — clicking Add Device and double pressing the Pebblebee Clip synced it right up.

In seconds, I changed the icon for the Pebblebee Clip in Apple Find My to a key, and it showed up in the app. The next step was to decide where to keep it. Opting for teh the detachable keyring clip, which easily opens and closes, I attached it to the Pebblebee Clip. First, I clipped it to my own keys, swapped keys with my wife for a day, and had her bring the keys with her on a quick errand down the block. I checked Apple Find My to track it, and it showed her location with the key icon floating on a map. As she moved further away, though, the device went out of range.

A loud, piercing noise repeated over and over again, allowing me to track down my bag in my bedroom.

Next, we clipped it to her purse and encountered a similar situation. I eventually used it on my laptop bag, and at one point, I couldn’t find my bag. So I opened up Apple Find My, tapped the Pebblebee Clip, and pressed on Play Sound. A loud, piercing noise repeated over and over again, allowing me to track down my bag in my bedroom. I was curious if the key ring would attach itself well to my dog’s collar, and sure enough, it did. While I won’t keep it on him, it would be able to track his movements through the app as well.

A full charge lasts for over 12 months.

One thing I loved about this is the fact that a full charge lasts for over 12 months. You charge it once, and you’re set. When I plugged in the provided USB-C cable, it glowed green, meaning that it was already fully charged. The clips are also water-resistant, so if they get splashed, there won’t be any malfunctioning.



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What I don’t like about the Pebblebee Clip

It’s an either-or situation for phone users

I ordered the Pebblebee Clip meant for an iPhone or an Apple device, as it can work with my iPad or my iPhone with the Apple Find My app. However, I also could have used it within the Pebblebee app. But the kicker is that you can’t use both apps at the same time. If I wanted to switch to one or the other, I would have to factory reset it.

Also, the Pebblebee Clip comes in an Android version that will work with Google Find My Device. But the fact that this doesn’t work with both Apple and Google with one device is a bit frustrating. It also doesn’t offer many features that separate it from other Bluetooth trackers, such as Tile’s various Bluetooth trackers or Apple’s AirTag.


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Should you buy the Pebblebee Clip?

The Pebblebee Clip is a solid Bluetooth tracker that works well with Apple’s Find My device app. The strong key ring allows you to clip it onto something and leave it there. The Bluetooth range is near the top of the market range and is similarly priced to an Apple AirTag. While it doesn’t offer many different features compared to other trackers, it works well, and you’re sure to be happy with it if you buy it.


Pebblebee Clip


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