Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: all the news on the summer product event

Source: The Verge added 10th Jul 2024

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Samsung’s July Galaxy Unpacked event is happening today in Paris, France, at 9AM ET / 6AM PT, where the company is expected to take the wraps fully off the Galaxy Ring, revealing pricing, when it’s available, and what it can do. That’s in addition to a barrage of other heavily rumored products, like new AirPods-like Galaxy Buds, a beefy Galaxy Watch Ultra, and a redesigned Galaxy Z Fold 6 with squared corners and much brighter displays.

The Galaxy Ring is the big one — Samsung’s entry into the field of smart rings marks the first serious smart ring from one of the big phone and smartwatch makers. The ring will be facing off an already entrenched but still fairly niche market occupied by the Oura Ring, Evie, and Ultrahuman.

The company is also expected to reveal a new Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the Galaxy Watch 7. We can also probably count on plenty of Galaxy AI talk and the usual litany of promotional preorder incentives that the company loves to do for its Unpacked events.

  • Samsung’s introducing a new AI-powered Energy Score and Wellness Tips.

    The Energy Score uses four health metrics to tell you how ready you are to tackle the day, while the Wellness Tips feature gives you personalized advice based on those metrics. Annnnd these metrics get us into the Galaxy Ring.

  • Can I kick it?

    Samsung says yes, you can. The company’s kicking this event off with a video about how its new phones, particularly the Z Flip 6, can live translate “Can I kick it” and “Yes you can” in a number of languages.

  • AI sparkles! AI sparkles everywhere!

    Watching the intro to today’s Galaxy Unpacked event, I’m reminded of this great David Imel video answering the most important question of our time: why did everyone decide that the official logo of AI is ***sparkles***?

  • Samsung’s Galaxy Ring could be the one ring to rule an ecosystem

    Samsung may have launched three new smartwatches this year, but the wearable I’ve been most excited to see from the company was the Galaxy Ring. After months of teasing, Samsung officially announced the $399.99 smart ring at today’s Unpacked event — and I finally got to play around with one. Granted, I only got a short time with the Galaxy Ring, but so far, I like what I’ve seen.

    Right off the bat, the Galaxy Ring hardware is quite nice, though its overall design doesn’t stray too far from other smart rings. (I know because I showed up to the hands-on wearing four other smart rings.) It comes in three colors: gold, silver, and black. All have a titanium frame and look fetching, but like a magpie, I found myself partial to the gold, as it had the shiniest finish. I can’t quite speak to the durability yet, but it’s got 10ATM of water resistance and an IP68 rating.

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  • Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds are blatant AirPod clones in both form and function

    Alongside its latest folding phones and wearables, Samsung is introducing the new Galaxy Buds 3 Pro and Galaxy Buds 3. As leaks (and early sales) confirmed, the company has moved away from the subtle in-ear design of past generations to a stemmed look that gives these an AirPods-esque look and feel — especially in white. Both earbuds also come in a gunmetal gray finish that, combined with the angular “blade” design, makes me think of Tesla’s Cybertruck. But there’s no denying the overall similarities to Apple’s massively popular AirPods.

    Samsung’s press release says the switch was the direct result of “a variety of collected statistical data” that showed a stem form factor produces better comfort and in-ear stability. So, here we are. I’ll miss the vibrant purple Buds 2 Pro, not to mention the bean-shaped Buds Live.

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  • The Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 come with minor updates and higher prices

    Hot foldable summer is in full swing, y’all.

    Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

    If you had any remaining hopes, despite leak upon leak, that Samsung’s foldables would get a major update this year, then I hate to be the bearer of bad news. They’re a little more durable, a little lighter, and come with a handful of tiny upgrades. Even so, both models got a boost of a certain kind: higher prices, with the Galaxy Z Fold 6 now starting at $1,899 and the Z Flip 6 at $1,099.

    Both phones use a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset specially tuned for Samsung, and like the S24 series, they both include seven years of OS and security update support. They’re both a little bit sturdier, claiming better resistance to drops thanks to improvements to the hinge design and materials. The inner flexible glass is also more durable, and both phones are now rated IP48. That definitely looks better on paper than the previous IPX8 rating — the X indicating a lack of dust resistance — but the “4” only means the devices are officially protected from foreign objects of 1mm and greater, not against dust.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra hands-on: ultra déjà vu

    Last month, Samsung announced a cheaper, entry-level Galaxy Watch FE. And today, it announced a refreshed $299.99 Galaxy Watch 7 and the all-new $649.99 Galaxy Watch Ultra. It doesn’t take a genius to see that Samsung’s taking a page from Apple’s smartwatch playbook — and nowhere is that more obvious than with the new Ultra.

    The Galaxy Watch Ultra replaces the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro as the premium smartwatch in Samsung’s lineup. Like that watch, this one caters to the outdoor athlete. But whereas the Pro had its own distinct vibe, the Ultra isn’t exactly hiding where it got its inspiration from.

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  • Samsung just announced a date for its next Unpacked

    In case you were wondering, yes, there will be lots of AI.

    Image: Samsung

    Samsung’s next Unpacked summer launch event will take place on July 10th in Paris, France, the company announced on Tuesday. The animation accompanying the invitation hints at foldables, and the invite itself removes all doubt: “Prepare to discover the power of Galaxy AI, now infused into the latest Galaxy Z series and the entire Galaxy ecosystem.” But we’re also on the lookout for something of a different shape: the Galaxy Ring.

    Rumors indicate that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 will be fairly minor upgrades, with the Z Flip 6 getting a slightly bigger battery and the Z Fold 6 looking a little boxier. Not the most exciting stuff, but that’s been the story with the past few generations of Samsung’s folding phones.

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