Sineaptic SE-1 Ribbon Driver Wireless Headphones Review

Source: Tech Power Up added 13th Feb 2024

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Sineaptic is a new audio brand based out of China which seems to have come about in the last few months. In fact, I only knew of Sineaptic thanks to a 3rd party marketing and PR firm I’ve worked with before to bring you reviews from brands that have all been impressive. The initial spiel I got was along the lines of “what if there was a ribbon driver set of wireless headphones and at a mass-market price?” and I had more questions than ever before. For those unaware, ribbon drivers are extremely hard to manufacture and I can count on one hand the number of audio companies who make ribbon drivers for headphones—they all cost well over $1000. Now imagine this going for much lower and being wireless too!

The Sineaptic SE-1 is a rare set of open-back, over-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones. The open-back nature of these headphones should promise improved comfort and no pressure build-up compared to equivalent closed-back offerings. It houses two in-house designed, potentially also manufactured, ribbon drivers with the goal of sounding like a highly resolving set of studio speakers. Sineaptic also has a built-in EQ mode for two different sound signatures in addition to replacement pads for further customization. We also get a built-in microphone and quality-of-life features including onboard controls and smart assistant integration similar to most recently launched wireless headphones. The headphones themselves are also designed unlike anything else I have in my possession, including with the unique headband system that uses two “wings” to support the weight of the headphones. There is clearly a lot to see and test here so let’s thank Sineaptic for providing a review sample to TechPowerUp and begin our coverage with a look at the product specifications in the table below.


Sineaptic SE-1 Headphones
Materials: Plastic + metal frame, protein leather and fabric ear pads, foam filling
Transducer Principle: Open-back, over-ear, ribbon driver
Frequency Response: 15 Hz–20 kHz
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 (AAC, SBC codec), 3.5 mm
Battery Life: Up to 13 hours
Charging Time: 3 hours
Weight (without cable): 412 g
Dimensions: 250 x 140 x 115 mm
Warranty: One year
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