Spotify’s library redesign makes it easier to find your downloaded content

Source: The Verge added 29th Apr 2021

  • spotify’s-library-redesign-makes-it-easier-to-find-your-downloaded-content

Spotify is trying again to make its Your Library tab easier to navigate. It’s introducing dynamic filters, a new grid view, the ability to pin content, and different sorting options. The changes are coming to all users across iOS and Android over the coming week. The filters will likely be the most useful change, with users being able to filter between album, artist, playlist, or podcast. Premium users can also choose to view only downloaded content, which, up until now, has been hard to find within Spotify without scrolling through every artist and album they’ve saved.

Users can also choose to pin four playlists, albums, or podcast shows that’ll show up at the top of their content. To pin, swipe right on what you want to keep at the top. Finally, users can view content in a grid view or in a list by the content’s alphabetical order, recently played, or the creators’ names.

The changes aren’t exactly monumental, but that downloaded content filter will likely be especially useful. I know I’ve spent way too long trying to find something I’ve saved whenever I fly, so hopefully this solves that issue. Spotify last updated Your Library in 2019, but only for Premium users. This forthcoming update will make the experience easier for everyone, which is much appreciated.

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