Suicide Squad Isekai looks like a magical Elseworlds adventure in its new trailer

Source: The Verge added 01st Dec 2023

  • suicide-squad-isekai-looks-like-a-magical-elseworlds-adventure-in-its-new-trailer

Warner Bros.’ animated features based on DC Comics characters have always had that fascinating X-factor that the studio’s live-action projects tend to lack. The new trailer for director Eri Osada and writer Tappei Nagatsuki’s Suicide Squad Isekai makes it look like the studio’s keeping that tradition alive.

Set in a continuity outside of DC’s core canon (much like an Elseworlds comic), Suicide Squad Isekai follows Harley Quinn (Anna Nagase), Deadshot (Reigo Yamaguchi), Peacemaker (Takehito Koyasu), Clayface (Jun Fukuyama), and King Shark (Subaru Kimura) into an alternate reality as the team is sent on yet another risky, covert mission by the US government. Though the super-felons are all used to working together as Task Force X in their own world where guns and hammers are usually enough to get the job done, things work very differently in the land of Isekai — a wondrous place full of demons and mystical power that the Joker (Yūichirō Umehara) wants to make his own.

It’s difficult to suss out just what the Joker means to do in Isekai and how the Squad intends to put an end to his plans. But the trailer showcases just how hard Wit Studio went with the film’s smaller, gorgeously choreographed fight sequences, which makes it seem like Suicide Squad Isekai is going to be another Warner Bros. Animation knockout when it premieres sometime in 2024.

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