There are also free titles in the Epic Games Store in the new year

Source: Hardware Luxx added 04th Jan 2021

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After the Epic Games Store released a large number of free games just in time for Christmas, since 31. December 2020 get hold of the economic simulation Jurassic World Evolution for free in the Epic Store. Until January 7th 2021 all registered users have the opportunity to create their very own dinosaur theme park. In addition to various visitor attractions, research facilities can also be used in the game. The British game manufacturer Frontier Developments was responsible for the development and also published the strategy game Planet Zoo last year.

Also this week the Epic Games Store continues exactly where it left off in the year 2020 has released the tactical roguelike game Crying Suns, the first free game of the year 2020. Said title was developed by Alt Shift and released by Humble Bundle on 19. September 2019 released. A port for Apple’s iOS and Android smartphones took place in June of last year.

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In Crying Suns, players take on the role of a space fleet commander and explore a mysterious fallen empire. With a total of 1. 835 submitted reviews on the Valve sales platform Steam, Crying Suns has a rating of “very positive”. Thus, the game and its tactical battles between battlecruisers and their squadrons seem to convince at least the majority of Steam gamers. The story is divided into a total of six chapters and, as expected, is set in the sci-fi universe. Crying Suns is currently reduced by 31% on Steam and is around 12 Euro. In addition to the main game, a deluxe edition can also be purchased, but in addition to the full version of Crying Suns, this only contains the original soundtrack and a digital artbook.