Microsoft Flight Simulator adds beautiful Nordic views in its latest update

Just in time for the launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Series consoles next month, developer Asobo Studios has added some extra details that players will appreciate. World Update V is focused on the Nordic region (specifically Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden), bringing stunning vistas to an already visually impressive title. A brief… Read more


Bacteria get a fresh gig as art restorers in Italy

Michelangelo’s marbles in the Medici Chapel were looking dingy, so a team of art restorers decided to smear some bacteria on the situation. The specialized microbes cleaned up centuries of grime, leaving the marble statues with a fresh new look, The New York Times reports. The team selected specialized strains of bacteria to target different… Read more


Cowon Plenue D3

Our Verdict Cowon has added Bluetooth, a volume wheel and a dual DAC to its bijou player – and produced another class leader For Detailed presentation across frequencies Bluetooth connectivity Classy build and finish Against Screen looks a little dated Remember matchbook quotes, those little sayings written on complimentary matchbooks you could pick up in… Read more