RIG 700HX Ultralight Wireless Gaming Headset Black XONE/XSERESX

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Raspberry Pi Camera Module Captures Photos of the Moon

Home News (Image credit: MrAjAnderson) Dipping your toes into the world of astrophotography doesn’t require high-cost cameras or fancy equipment. Maker MrAjAnderson’s incredible project shows us the potential of several Raspberry Pi camera modules and how they can capture stellar images of space. This isn’t the first Raspberry Pi astrophotography rig we’ve covered—this Pi-powered space… Read more


Tesla Launches Games Console, Pretends It’s a Car

Home News (Image credit: Tesla, Inc) The infotainment system inside a Tesla Model S is now as powerful as a PlayStation 5, according to company chief executive, Elon Musk, speaking at a public launch of the Model S Plaid.  The car is quicker, more expensive, and has a longer range than previous Model S, but… Read more