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BenQ Zowie XL2586X computer monitor 61.2 cm (24.1") 1920 x 1080 pixels Full HD LCD Black


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The all-new design for the 240Hz XL2546X and 540Hz XL2586X also provides a higher level of comfortable ergonomic adjustability, and the updated XL Setting to Share enables convenient automatic in-game colour mode selection.

Continuing the mission to develop professional esports equipment and enhance the gaming experience for players to perform at their best, ZOWIE pays close attention to gamer feedback. Since the introduction of XL Series monitors in 2010, we have continuously upgraded our technology for clearer visuals, improved software control for convenient setting optimisation, and enhanced the user experience. We aim to deliver features and designs that directly benefit players in competitive gaming, avoiding unnecessarily flashy designs that do not contribute to competitiveness.

Responsiveness is one of the most important characteristics for esports displays. The all-new XL2546X and XL2586X monitors use Fast-TN panel technology, which is well-known for faster response times than IPS panels, to provide clearer and sharper outlines of moving objects. The new XL2546X and XL2586X effectively reduce overshoot which is caused by aggressive liquid crystal overdrive under certain circumstances on conventional panels.

XL2546X and XL2586X also come with new DyAc™ 2 technology, ZOWIE’s dynamic accuracy mechanism for best-in-class motion clarity and superior overall visual experiences. DyAc™ 2 is a significant upgrade to DyAc™/ DyAc⁺™, now utilising dual backlights with greater precision control to achieve a higher level of motion blur reduction and ghosting minimisation together with softened light output to facilitate eye adaptation.

Both XL2546X and XL2586X feature all-new height-adjustable designs with industrial-grade bearings, allowing gamers to set the ideal position on the fly, gliding without stuttering or over-adjusting. This helps players complete their setup in the esports arena in the shortest time possible, empowering them to quickly enter a focused state for the competition


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