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i-tec Metal USB-C Low Profile 4K Triple Display Docking Station with Power Delivery 85 W + Universal Charger 112 W

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This product is a product set of a docking station and universal charging adapter. By purchasing of this kit, you get a complete solution which allows you to easily connect your favourite accessories, including LAN and external monitors, as well as easily and conveniently charge your device (including your laptop or tablet).


Connect your favourite accessories to your laptop, tablet, PC or smartphone equipped with the new USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 interface. Using this docking station, you can access power and output for up to three external monitors (applies for Windows-based systems).

This docking station is suitable for use with all laptops and other devices equipped with the USB-C connector with video transmission support (USB-C DisplayPort Alt mode). In case of incompatibility, your new i-tec product may not work properly. For details regarding your device’s USB port specifications, please refer to your laptop / tablet / smartphone manual or contact your device manufacturer’s customer support. However, even if you are not sure that your device is fully compatible after verification, please contact our technical department by writing an email to support@itecproduct.com.

The docking station has an internal power consumption of 15 W. When connecting a 45 W USB-C power adapter, the docking station delivers 30 W to the laptop. In the case of a 60 W adapter, the docking station delivers 45 W; in the case of an 85 W adapter, the docking station delivers 70 W; in the case of a 100 W adapter, it delivers 85 W.

Note: The macOS operating system does not support Multi Stream Transport technology (2 or more monitors in extended mode. This technology does not support any docking station using the USB-C DisplayPort Alt Mode in macOS.


This universal USB-C power adapter with power of 112 W is a great choice for powering any laptop or other device equipped with a USB-C connector that supports USB-C Power Delivery with a maximum power demand of 100 W.

The voltage is set automatically according to the USB Power Delivery specification 2.0 v1.2 in the individual profiles in following steps: 5 V / 9 V / 12 V / 15 V / 19 V / 20 V with max. 5 A current consumption. Another positive feature of this adapter is the additional USB-A output (5V, max. 2.4 A) which can easily be used to power most devices with charging via USB (e.g. MP3 players, Bluetooth hands-free, digital picture frames, most Android mobile phones, Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, navigation, etc.). The power adapter is lightweight and very portable; it is equipped with intelligent current overload, overvoltage, short circuit and overheating protection.


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