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R-Go Tools Numeric keypad R-Go Numpad Break, ergonomic numeric keypad with break software, wired, black

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Experience maximum freedom while typing with the R-Go Numpad Break. You can operate this numeric keyboard with your left or right hand and decide yourself where to place it on your desktop.

By operating the numpad with the hand that is not using the mouse, both hands remain within shoulder width as you work. The load will be equally divided between both hands. Ideal in combination with the R-Go Compact Break and R-Go Split Break keyboard. The ultra-thin design ensures that your wrists are in a natural, flat position while typing. The special scissor mechanism in the keys ensures a light keystroke, so you need less strenght to type. The R-Go Numpad includes a built-in break indicator, which indicates with colour signals (green, orange, red) when it's time to take a break.

Download the free Break LED controller here.


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