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Trust Dalyx Ethernet 1000 Mbit/s


Steady Internet Connection
With the Trust Dalyx USB-C to Ethernet Adapter, you’ll always have access to a steady internet connection. When you can’t rely on Wi-Fi, simply connect this handy device to your laptop, PC or tablet and plug in your available ethernet cable into the Dalyx for reliable internet access.

Easy Setup And Compatibility
The Trust Dalyx works with every laptop, MacBook, PC and tablet* that has a USB-C port. It’s especially convenient for slim laptop and notebook designs without an ethernet port. There’s no need to install software for this handy tool; just plug in & play!
*Compatibility with Android tablets may vary, depending on USB-C implementation

Stylish Travel Essential
The adapter comes in a durable die-cast aluminium alloy housing, making for a stylish addition to your desk setup and work kit, whilst its compact design makes it perfect for travelling. If you want to be sure of a steady internet connection when you’re away from home, the Dalyx is your go-to travel essential.


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