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Trust Magno Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 5000 mAh Wireless charging Black

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Magnetic wireless 5.000mAh powerbank for iPhone 12 models or higher

Magnetic attraction
Just like every great love story, there’s a magnetic connection between your phone and the Magno – literally. Quickly and easily charge iPhone 12 models or higher using this charger’s wireless magnetic charging – simple!

Score a power-up
No more stomach-dropping ‘down to your last 1%’ moments. This 5,000 mAh powerbank recharges your phone up to 80% for a maximum of 17 extra hours of use* - so much more time!

*Depends on model and battery condition. For indication only.

Show your passion for the planet
Something good for your phone, something good for the planet. With a composition of 50% recycled plastics, the Magno’s eco-friendly design lets you charge away with added peace of mind.

You charge, I charge
Deciding whether to recharge your phone or the powerbank? Why not both? Get double duty with the Magno, with pass-through charging via USB-C.

Power in your pocket
With a compact and lightweight design, the Magno is made for moving. Easy to slip into your pocket, bag or laptop case, you can enjoy a freshly charged phone wherever you go.


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