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Xtorm Portable Power Socket 70



Ever wished you had access to an AC socket even when you aren’t at home? With the Xtorm Portable Power Socket 70 you have access to a powerful 70W AC socket, anywhere you are. It’s been designed to be allowed on airplanes, so you can easily take this power bank all over the world!

Versatile port selection – Always have the power you need
The Power Station not only features a 70W AC output, but also a regular USB output, as well as 30W USB-C PD in/output. This means you can charge almost anything, wherever you go. The perfect power bank for all of your adventures.

Designed for travel
The power bank is designed for travel and adventure. It features a 360⁰ shock-absorbing rugged exterior, and even the AC socket is protected against dirt and dust thanks to a specially designed cover.

Extreme power - anywhere
It doesn’t matter whether you’re going camping, road tripping, or simply just traveling anywhere remote – these days you need enough power to fuel all your devices, and the Portable Power Socket it the perfect way to do it. Combine it with a solar panel and you’re able to go fully off grid, without having to give up the devices you can’t live without.


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