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Zyxel XMG-108HP Unmanaged 2.5G Ethernet (100/1000/2500) Power over Ethernet (PoE)


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The Zyxel XMG-100 Series 2.5 Gigabit switch is the ideal choice for home, SOHO, or small office users who want to upscale their network with increasing demands coming from online gaming activities, multimedia streaming services or faster wireless network connectivity. All ports are equipped with 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet speed, allowing easy network speed upgrade. In addition, this Series offers an extra SFP+ slot for 10G network uplink or access to a NAS.

Plug-and-play to upgrade your network to WiFi 6/6E.
The XMG-100 Series Switch features Multi-Gig ports supporting speeds up to 2.5G, allowing effortless connection to the latest 2.5G-compatible network devices for high-performance networking. Its simplified plug-and-play technology ensures easy setup to seamlessly upgrade your wireless network to WiFi 6/6E by connecting to the PoE models XMG-105HP and XMG-108HP.

Extra 10G port to streamline large file transfers.
The 10-Gigabit SFP+ increase the network speed for quicker uploads and downloads through NAS and server, allowing content creators or self-media individuals to work more efficiently. Large files, such as high-resolution videos or images, can be transferred in significantly less time, saving valuable production hours.

Single cable for both power and data.
PoE models XMG-105HP and XMG-108HP come with 4/8 uninterrupted PoE++ (60W) ports and a budget-friendly PoE budget of 70W and 100W respectively, deploying PoE devices like WiFi 6/6E APs and PTZ cameras, and IoT devices has never been easier.

2.5G Super-Fast Speeds Without Re-cabling.
You can use your current Cat 5e cables to upgrade your home networking speed from current 1Gbps to 2.5Gbps without additional cabling fee!

Silent Operation, and Flexible Deployment.
The XMG-100 Series is built with fanless and sturdy hardware design to ensure all-time silent and stable operation. They are perfect for noise-free environments such as home or studio. The compact design offers flexible mounting options to place the switch on a desktop or mount it to a wall.

Accelerate Your Networking Experience.
The XMG-100 Series offers home or SOHO users a lag-free and non-intermittent network experience for online gaming or multimedia streaming services. This is achieved through a fast and secure local network connection.


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