BioWare is working on a next Mass Effect

Source: Hardware Luxx added 14th Dec 2020

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The Mass Effect series from BioWare is one of the most popular action role-playing games with a science fiction scenario. This is especially true for the so-called Reaper trilogy with Commander Shepard. BioWare is now revealing via YouTube that there will be another series part.

After the original Reaper trilogy, BioWare had dared a fresh start with Mass Effect: Andromeda. The action no longer took place in the Milky Way, but in the neighboring galaxy Andromeda and was set far after the trilogy. This part met with a divided echo – which perhaps also explains why the series of games was quiet for three years after Mass Effect: Andromeda von 2017 stayed. With a teaser video, BioWare now reveals that the Mass Effect universe will continue to grow.

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The video contains some hints that suggest that the new Mass Effect part should follow in the footsteps of the original trilogy. So in the end you can see Liara T’Soni, a companion of Commander Shepard. However, there is not yet any concrete information about the new, as yet unnamed Mass Effect part. A release date is also not yet in sight.

Fans of the Reaper trilogy can probably start regardless of the future of the series 2021 count on the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition first. The remaster of the first three parts will then appear for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and as a next-gen upgrade for Xbox Series X, Series S and PlayStation 5.