Raspberry Pi Zero Robot Arm Works With PS4 Controller

(Image credit: Dr2mod)

Redditor Dr2mod is at it again; We recently shared Dr2mod’s SDR airplane monitor and today we’re excited to share another cool Raspberry Pi project they’ve created—a 3D-printed robotic arm operated wirelessly by a PS4 controller.

According to the Dr2mod, the robotic arm was printed a while ago and gathering dust, unused on a shelf. To give it some life, a Raspberry Pi Zero was used along with a few servos to create this awesome robotic limb.

(Image credit: Dr2mod)

The best Raspberry Pi projects are ones you can recreate yourself and Dr2mod was kind enough to share everything you need to get started. Files for the robotic arm, known as the EEZYbotARM created by daGHIZmo, are available at Thingiverse.

Makers will also need a Raspberry Pi Zero, HD-1900A servos, a Servo Driver HAT and, of course, a PlayStation 4 controller. Dr2mod is using a Python script to handle the input interpretation. The script is available on GitHub for any interested parties.

Visit the original thread at Reddit for more details and a closer look at this cool robot arm project.