MSI’s New MEG Z590 Board Is Slathered in Silver and Gold

Source: Tom's Hardware added 03rd May 2021

  • msi’s-new-meg-z590-board-is-slathered-in-silver-and-gold

(Image credit: MSI)

As spotted by TechPowerUp, MSI has just announced three new motherboards for the Z590 platform: the MEG Z590 Unify, Unify-X, and the MEG Z590 ACE Gold Edition. All three boards are aimed to extract the most from Intel’s Comet Lake and Rocket Lake CPUs, with very robust power delivery setups, plus tons of connectivity for storage, wireless and USB devices.

(Image credit: MSI)

The MEG Z590 Ace Gold Edition is as blingy as the name implies, layered with gold and silver touches from top to bottom. Rather than being completely gold, it’s more of a silver-themed board with gold accents. Still, it’s one of the most striking designs we’ve seen on a motherboard in a while. If you want a board to pair with your 24-Karat Adata keyboard, we can think of nothing better.

But the Ace Gold Edition isn’t all about aesthetics, it’s a flagship board just like the normal Ace variant. The board comes with a beefy 16 phase power delivery system with 90A power stages and a large aluminum heatsink that extends from the uppermost M.2 slot all the way to the memory DIMMs.

The Ace Gold Edition also comes with a ton of storage options and connectivity, including four M.2 slots, Wi-Fi-6E AX210, and eight USB ports, plus dual 40Gbps Thunderbolt 4 connections. If you opt for this board and somehow don’t also install G.Skill Trident Z Royal memory, you’re clearly doing it wrong.

Z590 Unify/Unify-X

(Image credit: TechPowerUp)

MSI is also refreshing its ‘Unify’ brand for the Z590 platform, with the new Z590 Unify and Unify-X. These boards are all about ringing out as much performance from your system components as possible.

Both boards will feature a beefy power delivery system with a 16+2+1 phase design, built with 90A smart power stages, so you shouldn’t be bottlenecked by your VRMs when overclocking Intel’s most power-hungry chips.

The Unify-X turns things up a notch even further when it comes to memory overclocking, to increase memory stability at high clock speeds, MSI has deleted two of the DIMMS which allows support for up to 7200MHz.

Both boards also come with a boatload of connectivity, including four M.2 slots for storage, and 12 USB ports.

Aesthetically, the Z590 Unify and Unify-X are the polar opposite of the Ace Gold edition, with no LED or RGB lighting insight, and featuring a matt black aesthetic from top to bottom. A great look for those looking for stealth and simplicity.

We don’t know when any of these boards will be available to purchase, but the Z590 Ace Gold Edition is already upon MSI’s website, so we expect all three boards to be purchasable soon.

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