Sony announces six PlayStation VR games, including Doom 3 for VR

Source: The Verge added 03rd Mar 2021

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Sony has announced a new slate of PlayStation VR games for later this year. It includes a virtual reality adaptation of Doom 3, as well as titles from a few successful VR studios and a couple of relative newcomers to VR.

Sony announced a new generation of PSVR for its PlayStation 5 console last month. The headset will come with a redesigned controller, a single cord instead of the original cable box, and a higher-resolution screen, among other upgrades. But Sony hasn’t unveiled the headset or offered many details, and it’s said the device won’t arrive in 2021. So today’s games will be launching for PSVR — with the promise of a better experience down the line.

Doom 3 VR, the only title with a precise release date, will launch on March 29th for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It’s a “retooled” port of the original 2004 shooter and its two expansions, designed for PSVR’s gun-like Aim accessory. A short trailer offers a preview of the gameplay and updated graphics.

This is the second Doom game for PSVR, following the 2017 VR original Doom VFR. It’s also not the first time Doom 3 has appeared in VR. The game was originally promised as part of the Oculus Rift headset launch, but it was canceled amid a lawsuit from Doom rights holder ZeniMax. (ZeniMax was acquired by Sony’s rival Microsoft last year.) More recently, a modding team unofficially ported Doom 3 to the Oculus Quest.

Vertigo Games, creator of zombie VR shooter Arizona Sunshine, will be bringing its cooperative followup After the Fall to PSVR as well. After the Fall was announced a couple of years ago, and it was expected to launch in 2020 on both PSVR and PC-based VR. It was delayed in part because of the coronavirus pandemic, rescheduled for early 2021 — a window Sony is reiterating here.

PlayStation VR will also be supporting I Expect You To Die 2 — a sequel to the wildly successful escape room title, originally announced for Steam in January. The game promises the same richly interactive spy-themed puzzles as I Expect You To Die, which has proven one of the most enduringly popular VR games since its launch in 2016.

The other games don’t have the same immediate name recognition, but they’re intriguing additions to the PSVR catalog. Fracked is developed by nDreams, the studio behind kayak-based stealth shooter Phantom: Covert Ops. Continuing the sports-plus-guns formula, its new game is an action shooter built around skiing — alongside climbing, zip lines, and old-fashioned duck-and-cover combat. It’s also apparently about a fracking facility that’s been “taken over by an army of gun-wielding, interdimensional maniacs.” (It’s unclear whether the maniacs are pro- or anti-fracking.) The game will be released this summer for PlayStation Move controllers on both generations of Sony consoles, but with improved frame rates and resolution on the PlayStation 5.

In a slightly calmer vein, there’s Song in the Smoke by Galak-Z developer 17-Bit. It’s a VR survival game that focuses on crafting, hunting, scavenging, and exploration in a mysterious world. A trailer shows off some gorgeous landscapes and creature design, as well as mechanics like archery. It’s launching at an unspecified point in 2021.

Sony also announced the 2021 release of Zenith, an anime-influenced massively multiplayer roleplaying game funded on Kickstarter last year. It’s set in a high-tech fantasy world that’s designed for players to climb and glide around, in addition to fighting with a VR-adapted version of conventional RPG combat.

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