USB microphone: Mackie's EM-USB in a short test

Source: added 15th Jan 2021

  • usb-microphone:-mackie's-em-usb-in-a-short-test

With the EM-USB, the audio manufacturer Mackie has a table microphone in its program that can be connected directly to the computer via USB. The cardioid microphone is equipped with a USB-C port, has its own headphone jack and comes with a tripod.

We like the device with its robust construction and useful equipment. On the microphone, the user is not only allowed to regulate the output level (gain), but also the volume of the headphones, which are connected via a mini jack socket. A USB-C port is used to connect to a Mac, Windows PC, iPhone or iPad; Thanks to class compliance, the EM-USB functions driverlessly as an input and output device. Also practical: the microphone has a mute button to mute it.

Next to the USB-C to USB-A cable (USB-C Macs and – iPads need an additional adapter) a suitable table tripod was included. The height adjustment is sufficient for use while sitting, but it left us with a somewhat shaky impression. We were also unable to fix the extendable stand element so securely that the microphone could no longer be rotated. We found that there was no wind protection in the box.

The table tripod is included, but the EM-USB was missing a windshield .

EM-USB Manufacturer Mackie Type Cardioid condenser microphone and USB interface Connections USB-C, mini jack Control elements Gain, headphones, mute Equipment USB cable, table stand Price (manufacturer) 145 € Sound and recording The sound of the microphone made a good impression; There were voices well and clearly. It can also be used to hold instruments. Despite the good workmanship, the EM-USB tended to rumble, for example when touching the microphone or accidentally knocking on the tabletop. The mute button didn’t work silently either.

The Mackie is only suitable to a limited extent for use in typical music programs: Even with a sample buffer size of 128 Samples the integrated audio USB interface produces a round-trip latency of almost 15 milliseconds. The EM-USB feels more comfortable – not least because of the somewhat center-weighted coordination – clearly in typical voice applications such as podcasts. The price can just be represented.


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