Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: From Troubleshooting to Life-Changing Productivity Hacks

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We’re breaking down tips and trips for making Windows 10 shine.  (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Your PC is nothing without its operating system, and for most devices (about 1 billion to be more precise), that OS is Windows 10. Windows has been around for so long that even the technologically inept should be able to find their way around the latest version. But if you’re a tech enthusiast, you don’t just want to be able to just use Windows 10; you want to master it. Only then can you enjoy the performance your system was built for and make the most out of what both your computer, the ubiquitous OS and you as a user can do. 

We’ve been detailing some of the handiest Windows 10 tips and tricks so you can maximize your PC’s relationship with the OS and make sure it works the way you want it to with your device. This means tips on maximizing Windows 10’s productivity software, momentous Windows 10 hacks that are sure to boost your productivity, Windows 10 troubleshooting tutorials to keep in your back pocket and even answers to questions you’re too scared to ask.

Windows 10 Productivity Tips 

If you got the basics of Windows 10 down ages ago, you might be wondering what we have to offer you. The following are some of our favorite hacks for boosting productivity while working with Windows 10. Between ways to capture screenshots you may not have thought of and instructions for a DIY SSD, these should help you learn something you didn’t know before. 

  1. How to Get Windows 10 for Free (or Under $30)
  2. 15 Windows Tips to Help You Work Faster and Smarter
  3. How to Share Your Internet Connection in Windows Using Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  4. How to Free Up Space in Windows 10 and macOS 
  5. How to Turn a Windows 10 PC Into a Wireless Display 
  6. How to Use the Same Keyboard and Mouse With 3 or More PCs at Once
  7. How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10
  8. Five Easy Ways To Capture a Screenshot in Windows 10 (also see: How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac) 
  9. How to Get Microsoft Office for Free (or Under $50) 
  10. How to Use XLOOKUP in Excel
  11. How to Delete Blank Cells in Excel / Google Sheets
  12. How to Shade Every Other Row in Excel / Google Sheets
  13. How to Use an External Drive for Internal Storage 
  14. How to Build Your Own SSD
  15. Simple RAM Overclocking With a Few Clicks: How to Enable XMP

Windows 10 Troubleshooting Tips 

If you’re the kind of person who people call when they can’t get their system to work properly, you’ll want to get a firm grasp of all the following Windows 10 troubleshooting tutorials. 

  1. How to Use a Minidump File to Fix Your Windows BSOD
  2. How to Factory Reset a Windows 10 PC
  3. How to Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode
  4. How to Find a MAC Address in Windows 10
  5. How to Monitor Your CPU Temperature 
  6. How to Test RAM: Making Sure Bad Memory Isn’t Crashing Your PC
  7. How to Pause Windows 10 Updates
  8. How to Fix the ‘Page Fault In Nonpaged Area’ Error in Windows 10

Windows 10 Security Tips 

Windows security isn’t just something that enterprises need to worry about. Not only do everyday users need to think about their security on the web, security at home or in the office can also be an issue if you share a device. For all those things on the family computer no one else needs to see, the following how-tos should help you out.  

  1. How to Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10
  2. How to Change Your Password in Windows 10

Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Make It Yours 

Microsoft doesn’t have the final word on how you experience Windows 10. We have step-by-step instructions for tweaking the OS to your preference. Maybe bright apps make your eyes weary, you want to change how your system boots or just don’t want to make a Microsoft account. Look to these Windows 10 tips and tricks for assistance. 

  1. New PC? Change These 13 Windows Settings Right Away
  2. How to Enter the BIOS on any PC: Access Keys by Manufacturer
  3. How to Create a Local Account in Windows 10
  4. How to Hide the Taskbar in Windows 10
  5. How to Format a Hard Drive Using the Command Prompt
  6. Paint It Black: 15 Ways to Dark Mode Your PC
  7. How to Change the Lock Screen Photos on Windows 10 

Basic Windows 10 Tips and Tricks 

In the tech world, it seems everyone knows it all, but the truth is no one does. Whether you’re a macOS converter (welcome), coming to Windows 10 from an older version of Windows, looking for a refresher or just plain don’t know how to do some basic or introductory tasks on Windows 10, we’ve got you covered.  

  1. How to Disable Notifications in Windows 10
  2. How to Use Focus Assist to Control Notifications in Windows 10
  3. How to Enable Bluetooth in Windows 10
  4. How to Set a Default Printer in Windows 10
  5. How to Get to the Desktop in Windows 10
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